Giving Thanks

Exactly one month ago I turned 27.  While I’m personally excited to grow older (I’ve always felt about a decade older than I am, anyway), I usually dislike my Birthday.  We don’t celebrate them in my family after a certain age & although mine is on or around Thanksgiving, I struggle with the fact that my family forgets to acknowledge it.  I’m a very understanding person & my closest friends all go out of their way to make my day special, but I’m sure most people can understand how upsetting this situation can be year after year.

Well this year, it definitely got worse.  On my Birthday, I broke out into hives, which I later found out was due to an allergic reaction that attacked my immune system.  I’m still not 100% positive, but it’s most likely from using some of the cleaners at the bars I work at.  Inhaling some of those chemicals can be pretty toxic & I was also dealing with a case of eczema on my hand, which was slowly spreading.  Mixed with occasional alcohol, the caffeine from my frequent coffee fixes, stress from the Holidays & dreading my Birthday, everything told my body that it was out for the count.  I’ll spare the full details, but I was literally shut down for 9 entire days.  No work, no play, no anything.  I barely left my bed, let alone my house & I wouldn’t let anyone see me, not even my roommate until with her amazing help, I was able to get a doctor’s visit & get on some medication that got me back on my feet in no time!

During my self-imposed house arrest, I didn’t have energy to do much besides sleep & watch TV, which got old very, very quick.  It wasn’t until about a week after I had started getting better that I was able to reflect on the situation & realize how thankful I am for everyone & everything I have in my life.  While sick, I felt exhausted, alone, ugly, depressed & utterly helpless, but the people who knew I was dealing with something pretty serious were all incredibly supportive & for that I am truly thankful.

And now that Christmas is just ending & I have just spent time with family & friends, I want the World to know how wonderful the people in my life are.  My family may not be affectionate or remember my Birthday, but they are always there for me when I need them.  Always.  My parents support whatever I choose to do with my life without questioning & trust that I’m taking care of myself.  We may not say it a lot, but I know my parents love me & I love my family regardless of how crazy they are & how much they stress me out.  And I may have never been a popular kid growing up or have a ton of friends now, but I can always count on the few dearest friends I have now to be there for me through the good times & the bad.  If I’m really excited about something happening in my life, I know they’ll be excited for me & if I’m going through some hard times & need a shoulder to cry on, they’re there to help.  I couldn’t ask for a better circle of friends & I like to think I reciprocate the love they have for me, but I will always be grateful for everything they do for me.

I am truly Blessed.  Thank you.