Annyong, Korea!

Translation from Korean to English:

Annyong (Ahn-nyong) 안녕하세요 : Hello

Mission Statement:

My name is Kiri Lin Whettam & I was born in South Korea, bearing the name, Mee Ra Lee. I was adopted at 3 months old & have been living in Southeastern Wisconsin ever since.

I don’t know anything about my Birth Family. But I plan to find them & find out as much as I can about where & who I came from.

I am starting this Mission as a way to reach out to others who may have pursued the same goal, plan to do the same, or are struggling with their own personal aspirations. I hope to find inspiration & to inspire others to never limit themselves in life. I have no idea what I will find at the end of this particular chapter in my life, but until I finish it, my story will never end.

My Mission is to raise money within the next 1-2 years, so I can better afford the aid I will need to find my Birth Family (i.e. passport, VISA, plane ticket, translator, etc.).

Realistically, it will take me at least 1-2 years start my journey Worldwide, due to bills (which I will pay using only my OWN finances – I do, after all, work up to 50+ hours/week), and the possibility that it may take a while to actually come into contact with my Birth Family. Until then, I plan on obtaining as much knowledge about my Birth Country as possibly; through books, news & possibly taking a course in the language.

Donations can be in any denomination, or if you have other ways in aiding, please feel free to contact me! And if I receive donations beyond what I need for my Mission, I plan on donating the extra money to a charitable cause.

I appreciate any support (whether monetary and/or emotional) in what will surely be a life-chaging experience. I plan on sharing it with all of you, through thick & thin, this is just my first step.



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