Risky Business

Last week I left town for a few days & lately I’ve become accustomed to the Greyhound system for travel; it is after all cheaper & almost more pleasant than flying to me.  While I was waiting to depart, I was able to have a nice conversation with a woman about her destination & why she was traveling.

She was about to embark on a 20+ hour bus trip to live with her boyfriend she met through a social networking site.  Not only was this her second attempt at a life-long relationship, it was also her second attempt to make things work with this particular person.  The first time with him didn’t work out because of the physical distance between the two of them & the fact that he was still dealing with his divorce to his first wife.  She then told me, “but if you let them go & they come back, it’s meant to be.”  And so after 9 months apart, he did come back.  And now, even though she has a disease where her joints are swollen & it’s painful to travel long-distances, she’s taking the risk to be with her love.  It’s because he makes her feel beautiful & wanted, even if others may pass her by & think otherwise.  He loves her unconditionally & at the moment, that is absolutely enough.

Some people say that, “all you need is Love,” while others can argue otherwise & think it’d be crazy to do what this woman is doing.  I feel that Love is ultimately something everyone deserves to give & receive; whether in a family, friend or romantic setting, it’s all important.  I’ve talked with a lot of friends lately about the risks involved especially when pursuing a romantic interest.  So many questions fill your head about what you want, what they want, if the effort is even worth it, etc.  It can be a confusing & frustrating process if you let it get to you, but if you follow your heart like the woman at the bus station, you could quite possibly find the love of your life.  Or, if it doesn’t work out, you can hopefully learn & grow from the situation.  I myself have had some interesting (and awful) moments dealing with failed relationships in the past, but I always tell people that if I hadn’t of taken the chance &  lived through the disappointment, anger & sadness of these past relationships, I wouldn’t have learned so much about what I feel is important in family, friends & love.  I’ll never regret decisions I’ve made, no matter what the outcome & I refuse to let fear stop me from taking risks in the things I am passionate about; and one of those things is love.

Where will all of these risks, or opportunities as I call them, take me?  Not sure yet, but because of what I’ve learned from my past, I will continue to pursue my passions without hesitation or regret in hopes it’ll lead me to a place of love & happiness.  And so far, so good!



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